Land base

The Land Base is located on an island, probably in central Europe, and contains a small town as well as an old Animallica Refuge.  It has numerous pens intended for your animals, a Medical and Research Lab where you can cure your creatures and manufacture more chemicals and a great deal of space within the Compound area for all your crafting stations. There is a horse mount available at the Land Base, also numerous untamed infected animals to capture, and a large number of enemies.

Older versions of Animallica started with your character waking up at Land Base, and it is still full of loot intended to get the new player started.  It is worth checking out early in the game but watch out for enemies.

The terrain is mostly uneven and hilly, but contains some large flat areas to use for building. Notable areas found on the biome are the Boat Island, The Base Mansion, a large and smaller pond, a collapsed bridge, the elevated Sky Walk, the Balloon site, an elevator to access the Balloon/Sky Walk ramp, a large bay, sandy dunes and small islands reachable via swimming. The Compound area also includes the Greenhouses, a large storage barn and the main Bunker site which has many resources available including the Recycle Bins. The Sky Walk will also provides a vantage for viewing some of the various areas safely.

The Land Base is demanding on a computer's resources and increases when more buildings, craft stations and animals are added. For those with a weaker computer or wishing to have less demands on your system it is advised to use Sliceland or Arpashi for your base.

Current as of the 2.48 patch.


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