Kitsune's Den is a location which appears to be located somewhere in Eastern Asia. Its building are of Asian architecture, picturesque and portray one of the most natural village settings in the game. Several areas have Ninja enemy spawns but they are limited to the left portion of the biome from the balloon site. There are a few unique items available, and a few animals, but none of the animals respawn here. It is a rich biome for Iris, Wild Seeds and Mushrooms. It pays to be very curious and patient while in Kitsune's Den. This biome is the Mushroom capital of Animallica as the biome is small, easily farmed and the spawn sites are normally always the same. It is also a terrific site for farming Wild Seeds as they also share the spawning habits of the mushrooms. All in all a visit to Kitsune's Den is worth the investment if nothing else but for the sheer beauty and peaceful setting it provides. The biome is also home to The Cave.

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  • How to find Kitsune's Cave: When you arrive at the balloon site, take the dirt path on the right. When you reach the stone path, turn right. When you reach the base of the stairs, go left into the bamboo grove. Curve around to the right and the cave is ahead and has wood planks blocking the opening.

Current as of the 2.26 patch.




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