• Red and Black Shepherd
  • Black & Tan Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of a few dog breeds currently available in the game. It is only hostile when attacked, and requires two tranquilizer arrows to render unconscious. Its current stats do not make it useful in combat.

The German Shepherd has a couple color variants. The common colors include the 'Red and Black' as well as the 'Black and Tan'. The rare color variant is the White German Shepherd located in Amber Hills and Eagle's Nest.

Species information

  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Rarity: Common & Rare
  • To cure: 1 potion
  • To tame: 1 potion

Color variants

  • Red&Black - Male
  • Red&Black - Female
  • Black&Tan - Male
  • White - Female (Rare)

Confirmed Locations