Dorado is a "western themed" Biome, the music and terrain appear to be loosely based on the southwestern USA. It is a desolate land, rugged and filled with hills and ravines. A bartender sells items in the saloon which is one of the few buildings in the location. The terrain within Dorado is basically two levels. There is the lower area with the saloon, 3 craters, a small encampment and where the majority of the animal and enemy spawn locations can be found. The upper area is slightly smaller than the lower area but is still worthwhile to investigate fully as are the craters on the lower main level.

The land contains a diverse yet sparse quantity of various items such as plants and minerals along with many enemy spawn sites and animal locations. The desert terrain allows good visibility especially while using a scope in order to avoid or to allow time to prepare for enemy encounters. The utilization of the scope also allows viewing the various animals found here. It is another location that has a great difference between your first and following visits however it does warrant repeat visits. Overall not as good as other locations for finding a quantity of items but makes up for it with the quality of the items found.

Current as of the 2.61 patch.


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