Demonic Cat
  • Dead Demonic Cat
  • Tamed Demonic Cat
  • Black Demonic Cat
HP: Unknown
Stance: Aggressive
Can Be Tamed?:

Yes (Only through merchants)

Spawn Type: Purple Fungus Mounds
Locations Found:

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  • The Demonic Cat is a weak enemy, but they spawn in groups of three or more and can surround and attack the unwary player
  • They are short and hide in the grass. Keep a sharp eye out for their spawning points--which currently look like smaller flatter purple fungus mounds.
  • You can destroy their spawning mounds with a sword or hammer and the demonic cats won't respawn.
  • A note of caution as of 2.48A the Black variety gives a Black Pearl when killed with a Tranq arrow. However the "Purplish" colored Demonic Cat gives one Mutagen instead when using a Tranq Arrow. A note concerning this has been sent to the Developers for clarification.