Locations refers to the various places you can travel in the game via hot air balloon. Each location has different animals and loot available, and some have unique features such as traders or rare creatures. Each "Location" usually represents a type of "Biome", and so we've divided up the 16 locations into their respective Biomes.

Note: Concerning the newly introduced "Crop" plants that arrived with the 2.5 release. Many of the plants are only found during your initial visit. Changes have been made to the spawning habits of the Hand-Placed or Static items such as the existing farms in Amber Hills and Greenhills, the wheat farm and random wheat plants as examples. Once these are found and gathered they will not spawn again. You may also notice that the small gardens of various crop plants found next to the newly placed Settlement farms added or the existing houses and cabins also will not spawn again except by the whims of the developers.

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