• Orange
  • White
  • Snow White

The Bengal Tiger is one of many felines currently implemented in the game. It has fairly high attack damage and decent health making it one of the preferred animal choices for combat. The Bengal Tiger has two unique variants currently available, the White Tiger and Snow White Tiger, which can only be obtained through the Animal Trader in Corpse Harbor. The standard orange Bengal Tigers are rare and are limited in number. Although quite capable of high combat performance as a companion, they are not replaceable, so choose with care if you wish to use any of these as a companion during combat.

Species information

  • Gender: Male & Female
  • Rarity: Common
  • To cure: 1 potion
  • To tame: 2 potions

Color variants

  • Orange - Male
  • Orange - Female
  • Snow White - ?
  • White Striped - ?

Confirmed Locations