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Animallica is an open-world adventure game where you hunt and gather sick animals to save them. There are twenty different maps to explore, covering over 55 square km and more locations are planned. Animallica has survival elements, crafting, exploration and discovery, also wildlife park and animal sanctuary building, and even has combat against mutated creatures and scavenging raiders. There is now a Peaceful mode without the bad guys and a Creative mode is coming for those who enjoy building and crafting also. The Creative mode however will only allow access to a few locations. Animallica is a huge game in active early development, and the developers add new animals, locations and features frequently. We try to keep the wiki up-to-date, but we are just a small group of volunteers and we can use your help. If you see a mistake, please note it in the comments section, we will see that. If you want to add screenshots or new information, you can use the comments section for that too. We prefer you create a wiki account if you want to actually edit the pages, so we can communicate with you. Thank you for your help!

-The Animallica Wiki Team.

Notes: The contents of this Wiki are current with Alpha 3.0 and is slowly being updated for the 4.0 release. We are in the process of updating the Main page to a new format. If you wish to access the original format it is available below in the List of Game Items.

Animallica Pages

Locations Akhali DesertAleriaAmber HillsArpashiBurning SandsCorpse HarborCultsbergDahm BahDoradoEagle's NestGreenhillsHighroseKitsune's DenLand BaseNova BaseOceaniaPestilentiaRed MountainsSlicelandSnowridge HeightsStarting Facility
Biomes Alpine and TundraAquaticBoreal Forest or TaigaContaminatedDesert and ChaparralSavannah and GrasslandTemperate ForestTropical Rainforest
Bears Black BearEurasian Brown BearGiant PandaGrizzly BearKodiak Bear
Birds ChickenSwan Goose
Canines AmStaffArctic FoxDachshundDalmatianDobermanFennec FoxGerman ShepherdGreat DaneGrey FoxGrey WolfGreyhoundRed FoxRed WolfTatra SheepdogWhite German Shepherd
Felines African LionAfrican LeopardBengal TigerCaspian TigerCheetahCougarEurasian LynxJaguarMaltese TigerPersian KittenPersian LeopardPumaSnow White Bengal TigerWhite Bengal Tiger
Monsters Demonic CatDemonic HoundDraconidGiant RatGorehoundHellhorseHellhoundMonster BirdRustclawTamed Demonic CatTamed DraconidTamed GorehoundTamed HellhoundZombie Dog
Pachyderms African ElephantHippopotamusWhite Rhinoceros
Primates Mountain Gorilla
Reptiles Nile Crocodile
Traders Animal TraderBartenderGeneral Goods VendorMaterials TraderThe LandscapistThe Mad Man
Survivors ScarletSurvivors
Enemies BarbarianButcherMechanicMummyNightmareNinjaPrisonerRaider
Tools ChiselFarming ToolsHandlightPaintbrushTool Set 1Tool Set 2Tool Set 3TorchVise
Ammo ArrowElectric ArrowFire ArrowFlamethrower AmmoFreezing ArrowPistol BulletsPoison ArrowShotgun ShellsSniper BulletsTranquilizer Arrow
Axes Fire AxeHatchetRaider AxeScavenger's AxeScrap AxeSharkyShaverSteel AxeStone AxeTomahawk
Clubs Baseball BatBone ClubSkull BreakerWasteland Slugger
Hammers Bone BreakerCrowbarMaulRiot MakerSmall Hammer
Knives Army KnifeFolding KnifeShivSkinning KnifeTracker Knife
Pickaxes Gold DiggerIce PickaxeMetal PickaxeSteel PickaxeStone PickaxeTitanium Pickaxe
Ranged Weapons BowCompound BowCrossbowDouble Barrel ShotgunFlamethrowerPistolShotgunSniper RifleSniper Rifle BlackWooden Bow
Spears HarpoonIron SpearStone Spear
Swords Apocalyptic BladeBastard SwordBlood BathClaymoreCutlassEstocFalchionItalian RapierKatanaMacheteMutant KillerNinjato BlackNinjato PurpleNinjato WhiteRaider BladeRaider SwordSliceandkillSurvivor SwordZweihander
Caches Arrow BoxBirds NestCoin BoxDebrisGarbageJewelry BoxLoot BagPortmoneSupply Drop ChestWeapons Crate
Books Alchemy BookArt BookBook: Arabian CraftsBook: Asian CraftsBook: Medieval Crafts
Building Materials AdobeAluminum IngotBoltsBrickBronze IngotCementCopper IngotDuct TapeGasGlassGold IngotIron IngotMetal WireMetal ScrapsMetal ShardNailsPaperPlasticRooftilesRopeRubberSilver IngotSteel IngotSteel PlatesThreadTitanium Ingot
Garbage and Misc Items Alloy ChainBlueprint: Anubis StatueBlueprint: Horus StatueBroken ChainsawBronze CoinCopper SamovarEmpty CanEmpty Plastic BottleEmpty VialGold CoinHorseshoeMatchesMetal OvenPerfumePoisonPortable StovePrecision ScopeSelling LicenseSilver CoinT1 Settler Man AgreementT2 Settler Man AgreementT3 Settler Man AgreementTool Set 1Tool Set 2Tool Set 3Upgrading Kit: ShotgunUpgrading Kit: SniperWater Filter
Rocks and Ores Bronze OreClayCoalCopper OreEmeraldFlintFertile SoilGold OreGravelIron OreJadeLarge StoneMarbleRough DiamondRubySaltSandSapphireSharp StoneSilver OreSlateSmall StoneTitanium DustTopazTurquoise
Animal Resources Animal BoneAnimal FatAnimal HideBeeswaxBlack PearlBlack TailfeatherCrafted LeatherEggFeatherHard SkinHoneyLeatherLeather StrapsPearlRaw FishRaw MeatSea ShellStarfishSilver CoinStock ChickenStock CowStock GoatStock PigStock SheepWhite TailfeatherWool
Corals Blue CoralBlue Coral PowderPurple CoralPurple Coral PowderRed CoralRed Coral PowderWhite CoralWhite Coral PowderYellow CoralYellow Coral Powder
Dyes Red DyeOrange DyeYellow DyeGreen DyeBlue DyePurple DyeBlack DyeWhite DyeVarnish
Mushrooms AmanitaceaeArmillariaBoletus EdulisLactariusLepista NudaMacrolepiota ProceraMushroomsNature's GiftNature's TouchRoasted Mushroom
Plants Aloe VeraArrowheadArrowhead FlowerAzaleaBamboo StickBearded IrisBlood IrisBlue IrisCannabisCattailChicoryCoffee BeansCommon KnapweedCornDandelionDog RoseElderberriesElderberryElderberry FlowerExotic SeedsFernFireweedGMO PlantGMO TreeGreen BushGreenleafHealthy SaplingHerbLavenderMarigoldMedicinal PlantPeppermintPlant FiberPurple IrisRed IrisRose HipsSageSnakeweedStrawsSugarcaneTomatoType A GMO PlantType B GMO PlantType C GMO PlantWheatWhite IrisWild SeedsYellow Iris
Magic Azure ShardBlue ShardCorrupted HeartCureCursed WoodDark EssenceDark Soul ShardFire EssenceForbidden ScrollGorehound HeadGreen ShardGreen Warrior BadgeHellhound HeadIce EssenceLightning EssenceMonster ScalesMutagenMutated DNA SampleNature's GiftNature's TouchPurple-black Disgusting SlimeRed ShardRusty SwordSealed ChestTaming PotionTranquilizer
Crafting Stations Advanced WorkshopAlchemy TowerArabian WorkshopArt StationAsian WorkshopBasic WorkshopBasic Workshop V2BlacksmithCampfireCampfire BCampfire with CauldronCarpentryChemistry TableGardening ShedKitchenLaboratoryMedical BayMedieval WorkshopSmall LaboratoryStonemasonryTanneryWeaving Hut
Buildings Animals BarnAsian House V1Asian House V2Asian House V3Asian House V4Chicken CoopDog House V1Dog House V2Guard HouseHovelKeepLarge BarnLarge HutLarge Stone HouseLarge Timber CabinLarge Wooden PlatformLog CabinLong BarnLong Stone HouseMedieval Festival HouseMedium HutNordic Large StorehouseNordic StorehousePavilionRitual FireSignal FireSmall Brick HouseSmall Cabin V1Small Cabin V2Small Cabin V3Small Cabin V4Small Chicken CoopSmall HutSuspended ShackTree HouseWooden Shack V1Wooden Shack V2Wooden Shack V3
Water Sources Bamboo FountainWater PumpWater WellWell
Structures GazeboGreenhouse V1Greenhouse V2Greenhouse V3Greenhouse V4Large Water TowerLarge Scrap Metal GreenhouseLarge Wooden PlatformMedium Scrap Metal GreenhouseOrangery: OvalOrangery: RectangularOrangery: RoundOrangery: SquarePergolaSmall Water TowerSmall Wooden Water TowerTall Water TowerWindmillWind Turbine
Enclosures Animal Enclosure V1Animal Enclosure V2Animal Enclosure V3Animal Enclosure V4Animal Enclosure V5Animal Enclosure V6Aviary
Clothing Hardened Leather BootsHardened PantsHardened Tank TopLeather BootsPantsReinforced Leather BootsReinforced PantsReinforced Tank TopTank Top
Containers CrateCustom Storage ContainersFridge BoxLarge ContainerOld ChestSmall Wooden ChestWooden BoxWooden Chest
Farming Aloe Vera SeedsApple SeedsBell Pepper SeedsCarrot SeedsChili Pepper SeedsCucumber SeedsEggplant SeedsFruits CrateGardening BedHerbal SeedsLettuce SeedsMelon SeedsMushroom SporesPastry CrateProteins CratePumpkin SeedsStrawberry SeedsTomato SeedsVegetables CrateWild Seeds
Fences Barbed FenceBarbed Wire FenceBrick WallBrick Wall - ContinuousConcrete FenceConcrete Metallic FenceDecorative Japanese FenceDecorative Stone FenceDecorative Wooden FenceLarge Asian WallLarge Concrete FenceLarge PalisadeLarger Sticks FenceLong Wooden FenceMetal Scraps FenceMetal Wire FenceOld Japanese FencePalisadePoorly Made Timber FenceSimple Timber FenceSimple Wooden FenceSimple Wooden Fence V2Simple Wooden GateSmall Bamboo FenceSmall Concrete FenceSmall Metallic GateSmall Stone FenceSmall Timber GateSmall Wooden FenceSticks FenceStrong FenceTimber FenceTorii Gate
Beds BedLarge BedMedieval BedMedieval Noble BedPrimitive Bed 1Primitive Bed 2Simple Bed
Chairs and Benches Baroc White ArmchairBaroc White ChairDining ChairGreen Leather ArmchairLarge ArmchairLarge Wooden ThroneLeather ChairLong Rustic BenchMarble Park BenchMedieval Carved ChairMedieval Wooden ChairMetallic Park BenchModern ChairPark Bench V1Park Bench V2Park Bench V3Park Bench V4Rocking ChairRustic BenchRustic ChairSimple SofaSimple Wooden ChairSunbathing ChairTall Rustic ChairWooden Stool V1Wooden Stool V2
Decorative Anubis FigurineAnubis StatueCandleCandlestickCarved Pumpkin1Carved Pumpkin2Carved Pumpkin3Carved Pumpkin4CauldronClay PotClay VaseDecorative FountainHorus FigurineHorus StatueLarge Lion StatueOil LampPotteryVaseWall TorchWooden Plant Pot
Rugs Large CarpetMedium CarpetRed RugRug Var.1Small Carpet
Shelves and Cabinets BookshelfLarge Timber ShelfLarge Wooden CabinetMetallic CupboardMetallic ShelfSmall Wooden ShelfWooden CabinetWooden Shelf Var.1Wooden Shelf Var.2
Tables Large Dining TableOrnate TablePicnic TableRustic Long TableRustic Small TableSmall TableTruck TableWooden DeskWooden TableWorkbench
Paths Bricks PathwayBricks Pathway - IntersectionConcrete PavementStone Pavement - LowStone Pavement - TallTimber PavementWooden Pavement
Settlements Advanced Miner's HutApiaryApple FarmBanana PlantationChicken FarmClay PitCorn FarmCow FarmFisherman's HutGoat FarmGrape FarmHunter's LodgeMelon FarmMiner's HutPig FarmPumpkin FarmScrapyardSheep FarmSmall ChurchStonemason's HutSugarcane PlantationTomato FarmWheat FarmWindmillWoodcutter's Lodge
Enrichments Feeding Trough - GrassFeeding Trough - HayFeeding Trough - WheatLarge Feeding Trough - LeavesType A GMO PlantType B GMO PlantType C GMO Plant

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